Soffit & Fascia

Soffit & Fascia

What are soffit & fascia?

Soffit and fascia are not only an important part of your home’s curb appeal, but they help protect your home in a variety of ways, from the roof to the foundation.


Soffit is the underside of your roof’s overhang — the horizontal part that connects the bottom edge of your roof to the wall of your home. Fascia is the long span of boards that run along the entire bottom edge of your roof, anchoring your gutters and providing a tight seam for your roof’s shingles or tiles.

Why are they important?

Your soffit contains vents that keep your attic ventilated, prohibiting mold from forming and keeping your home cool during the summer. It also helps keeps bugs, birds, and other critters from getting inside.


Fascia allows your gutters to work properly, ensuring your foundation and basement stay dry and mold-free. It also seals your roof against wind and rain, protecting against damage and helping reduce energy costs.

Why NJR is your best choice?

NJR Construction LLC has several years of experience providing Minnesota-area homeowners with soffit and fascia repair and replacement. Whether you’d like brand new or need your existing soffit and fascia fixed, our handpicked, insured team of professionals knows exactly how to provide the quality results you’re looking for.

Tired of painting your old wooden fascia and that unsightly soffit? Get the most value for your money by replacing it with aluminum fascia and vinyl soffit. We can do this work separately or as part of your residential roofing project. It will improve the look of your home and eliminate the need for scraping, painting, and other maintenance.

Do you need a fascia or soffit installation or repair?

Do you need a fascia or soffit installation or repair?

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