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Professional Roof Snow Removal in Minnesota

During winter months, snow removal from your residential or commercial roof is highly important to prevent structural problems and keep your systems in optimal shape. In fact, a non-maintained roof not only puts the safety of the occupants at risk; it also results in numerous issues that can cause damage. This is the reason you should never ignore clearing snow and ice from your roof periodically during the winter season.

Watch Out! Don't Do It Yourself

Climbing up on your roof to remove snow is very dangerous. It is always best to have a professional remove snow from a multi-story home.

About Us

With a track record of successful roofing services going back more than 20 years in and around the city and suburbs of Minneapolis, NJR Construction LLC, a fully licensed and insured roofing contracting firm, is a family-owned and operated contractor you can trust for all of your residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, governmental, roofing, roof repair, and maintenance needs – not to mention snow removal services.

Remember – Winter Roof Maintenance Matters

Snow removal service in Minnesota isn’t a luxury, it’s a must have if you want your property to stay in peak condition. Using anyone other than a professional, licensed roofing company for your snow removal is asking for trouble. They mean well, but have no idea what’s underneath all that snow. They are just as likely to cause a problem as they are to solve one, so save yourself the worry and the expense and call NJR Construction today for a superior snow removal experience.

Why choose NJR Construction for your snow removal needs?

  • We offer 24/7 emergency service – anywhere in The Twin Cities, Minnesota and the surrounding communities.
  • Our crews are specifically trained in snow removal techniques.
  • We have an extensive network of resources allowing us to handle any size job.
  • We have an intimate knowledge of interior structures, such as drop ceiling tiles and computer cables, that could be affected by snow removal services.
  • We use the latest snow removal tools and equipment to avoid damaging the structure.
  • Our crews are experts in all form of roof repairs in case they uncover an issue.
  • All our technicians are fully licensed and insured.

NJR Construction offers Roof Installation, Roof Maintenance, Ice Dam Solutions, Roof Snow & Ice Dam Removal,  and more – We offer our services in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Mendota Heights, Woodbury, Richfield, Edina, Eden Prairie, Maple Grove, Brooklyn Park, Blaine, White Bear Lake, Stillwater, and all surrounding towns and cities.

Heavy Snow and Ice load can damage your home if you are not monitoring and maintaining it

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