Deck Staining & Pressure Washing

Deck Staining & Pressure Washing

Deck Staining & Pressure Washing

Why is it important to take care of your deck?

Your deck is an external extension of your home. It´s exposed to harsh weather conditions throughout the year. Also, someone could spill liquids that affect the life of the wood.

It offers you an outdoor space where you can relax and entertain family or friends. With a deck that is properly painted or stained, you can extend its lifetime, increase the value of your home, and improve your home’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Deck Staining

Stains work well on decks, in a transparent, semitransparent, or solid finish. Stains are typically less slippery for deck surfaces and highlight the natural wood grain, but they need to be applied more regularly than paint.

Because decks are continually exposed to harsh conditions during the year, it’s important and even necessary to make sure they are appropriately stained and regularly refinished to ensure that your deck will last for years to come.

Contact NJR to care for your deck. We will make sure the whole year looks like new

Power Washing

NJR Construction is the expert when it comes to helping homeowners enhance their home’s curb appeal and protect its value. All of our top-quality Soft Washing and Pressure Washing exterior cleaning services are specially designed to deliver the right kind of cleaning for your deck.


Take care of the useful life of your deck today

Take care of the useful life of your deck today

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